XLRI Delhi-NCR Welcomes 210 New Students, Focuses on Gender Balance and Diversity

XLRI Delhi-NCR admits 210 students for 2024-26, with women at 30.7%. Engineers decline to 51.3%, non-engineers rise to 48.7%. Diverse backgrounds and work experience enrich learning.

XLRI Delhi-NCR Admits 210 Students to PG Diploma Programme for 2024-26
XLRI Delhi-NCR Admits 210 Students to PG Diploma Programme for 2024-26 (Image source: XLRI)

Delhi, June 25, 2024 – XLRI Delhi-NCR has said 210 students will join their PG Diploma program for the years 2024-26. More women joined this year, making up 30.7% of the new students. That’s a big increase from last year and shows XLRI wants more women in their classes.

In recent years, XLRI Delhi-NCR has seen changes in the types of students coming in. Engineers used to be most of the students, but now they make up 51.3% of the group, down from before. Non-engineers are now 48.7% of the group, which means more students are from different academic backgrounds.

Dr. Fr. K.S. Casimir, who runs XLRI Delhi-NCR, said, “This new group of students has different backgrounds and experiences, which shows we want a diverse group. Having more women also shows we want fairness in higher education.”

The students also have different work experiences. About 33.51% of them are new graduates, while almost 40% have worked for over a year. One in every four students has worked for more than two years, which helps them bring real-world experience to their studies.

XLRI Delhi-NCR lets students study two areas. There are seven areas to pick from: economics, environment society and governance (ESG), finance, information systems, marketing, production, operations and decision sciences, and strategy. This helps students learn skills that are useful in different jobs.

XLRI Delhi-NCR hopes having a diverse group of students will make learning more fun. They think students will learn a lot from each other’s different ways of seeing things and experiences.

For more about XLRI Delhi-NCR and their programs, check their website or call their admissions office.

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