Swiss Shop VTR’s Mind-Blowing BMW R 1301 Transformation!

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From: VTR Motorrad on Facebook

The BMW GS series has long been hailed as the ultimate adventure bike, and the latest R 1300 GS has taken the motorcycle world by storm.

Its improved performance and improved technology coupled with lightweight construction have made it a favorite among enthusiasts.

However, one Swiss custom workshop, VTR Motorrad, has dared to take the adventure bike to a whole new level with their radical custom build – the R 1301.

A Unique Blend of Styles

The R 1301 is breaking new ground as the first-ever custom build based on the R 1300 GS. This eye-catching masterpiece seamlessly blends different motorcycling disciplines.

Its striking bodywork and athletic stance exude supermoto vibes, while its lightweight appearance transforms it into a naked streetfighter.

Despite the radical transformation, the R 1301 remains true to its adventure roots, retaining its 19-inch front wheel.

Unveiling the Makeover

VTR Motorrad has left no stone unturned in customizing the R 1301. The front of the bike retains its distinctive tinted windscreen, but the handguards and mirrors have been removed to achieve a sportier, road-focused look.

The front fender has been elegantly trimmed to enhance the bike’s sporty aesthetic. Moving to the back, the R 1301 boasts a custom tail section reminiscent of a sport or naked bike.

Performance Upgrades

The customizations aren’t just skin deep. The R 1301 rides on forged aluminum wheels fitted with super sticky Metzeler M9 RR rubber, emphasizing that this beast isn’t just about looks.

An Akrapovic exhaust adds a powerful growl to the bike’s performance. To top it all off, the R 1301 is draped in BMW’s iconic M colors, complemented by a custom supermoto-inspired saddle crafted by Swiss saddler Yves Knobel.

The Price of Exclusivity

Such an extensive customization job comes at a price, and the R 1301 reportedly cost a whopping 15,000 Swiss francs, adding to the bike’s already substantial MSRP of ,895 USD. While the price tag may elicit a “woof,” the result is undeniably a showstopper on two wheels.

2024 BMW R 1300 GS
BMW R 1300 GS 2024

Why This Matters in the Custom Scene

Breaking Stereotypes

Adventure bikes are not typically associated with custom builds, but the R 1301 challenges this notion. VTR Motorrad’s creation showcases the untapped potential of adventure bikes.

Sure, this workshop in Switzerland shows that an old-fashioned car from the Middle East and a light street bike can be transformed in an amazing way, all while keeping their ability to go long distances.

A Growing Trend

More people are choosing personalized adventure motorcycles, and this tells us that what riders like is changing.

Some people prefer to keep their bike looking just like it did when they bought it, while others enjoy adding unique features.

The R 1301 is made for both types of riders – those who love custom bikes and those who prefer the bike’s original design.

A Show of Possibilities

VTR Motorrad’s R 1301 serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities within the custom motorcycle scene.

It’s not just about tweaking performance or adding a splash of color; it’s about redefining the very essence of a bike.

The R 1301 merges adventure, supermoto, and streetfighter aesthetics, showcasing that customizations can go beyond the expected.

Upcoming BMW R 1300 GS
BMW R 1300 GS
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In Conclusion

The Swiss workshop, VTR Motorrad, has successfully pushed the boundaries of customization with the R 1301, a BMW R 1300 GS turned multi-disciplinary masterpiece. This special bike goes against what people usually think about adventure bikes. It shows that you can turn them into amazing and reliable pieces of art that can travel long distances without any problems.

As the trend of customizing bikes keeps growing, cool motorcycles like the R 1301 encourage riders to be creative and discover new things with their beloved machines.

Whether you prefer classic styles or love making bold changes, the R 1301 will grab your interest and get people talking in the motorcycle community.

Stay tuned to VTR Motorrad and watch how custom adventure bikes are becoming more popular – you never know what exciting bikes might come out next!

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