Ducati Unleashes Scrambler Upgrade Extravaganza! Check Out Now!

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Ducati, the renowned motorcycle manufacturer, has recently made waves in the Indian market with its second-generation Icon, Throttle, and Nightshift Scramblers.

Building on this success Ducati is now offering a fresh range of accessories, allowing Scrambler owners to add a personal touch to their rides.

If you’re a proud Scrambler owner or dreaming of becoming one, read on to discover the latest additions that Ducati has brought to the table.

Ducati Unleashes Scrambler Upgrade Extravaganza! Check Out Now!
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Termignoni Street-Legal Silencer: Unleash the Roar

For many bike enthusiasts, the heart of a motorcycle lies in its exhaust note. Ducati understands this passion and introduces the Termignoni street-legal silencer.

With a sleek black-painted sleeve and a carbon fiber end cap, this silencer not only enhances the Scrambler’s sound but also adds a touch of style. Plus, being street-legal ensures you can enjoy the ride without any worries.

Spoked Wheels: Embrace the Classic Look

While the Scrambler series comes with factory-fitted alloy wheels for practicality, Ducati acknowledges the charm of spoked rims.

Now, riders can opt for the spoked wheel accessory made of lightweight aluminum. The best part?

No need to invest in new tires, as the dimensions match those of the original alloy wheels, preserving the bike’s performance and aesthetics.

Ducati Quick Shift: Seamless Shifting Experience

The Full Throttle version of the Scrambler already features the Ducati Quick Shift as a standard option.

However, Ducati recognizes that some riders may want to enhance their shifting experience. This accessory allows riders to shift up and down gears without using the clutch or closing the throttle. It’s all about making the ride smoother and more enjoyable.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation Software: Navigate with Ease

For riders who love exploring new roads, Ducati has integrated a turn-by-turn navigation system into the Ducati Multimedia System.

By connecting it through the Ducati Link App, riders can receive navigation directions directly on their bike’s screen. No more fumbling with maps or smartphones – just ride and enjoy the journey.

Ducati Aluminium Kit by Rizoma: Elevate Your Scrambler’s Style

Ducati has joined forces with Rizoma to offer a premium aluminium kit, adding a touch of sophistication to the Scrambler.

The CNC-machined elements include a fuel cap, handlebar counterweights, levers, and footrests.

Elevate your bike’s aesthetics with these finely crafted accessories that reflect both style and functionality.

Additional Accessories for Enhanced Riding Experience

Ducati understands that personalization goes beyond aesthetics. That’s why additional accessories are offered, including LED turn indicators made of billet aluminum, an aluminum under-pan protection plate for off-roading enthusiasts, and rear-view mirrors for enhanced visibility. The high-license plate holder adds the finishing touch to your customized Scrambler.

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Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a new Scrambler owner, Ducati’s new range of accessories provides exciting options to enhance your biking experience.

From the growl of the Termignoni silencer to the classic appeal of spoked wheels, Ducati offers something for every rider’s taste.

Explore the possibilities, visit your nearest dealership, and transform your Scrambler into a unique reflection of your style and passion for riding. Ride on, adventurers!

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