Which Are The 10 oldest Motorcycles In India?

Determining India’s 10 absolute oldest motorcycles is challenging due to various factors like incomplete records, private collections, and modified vintage bikes.

However, I can offer you a list of 10 iconic motorcycles with a deep-rooted history in India, representing some of the earliest models available:

Indian Chief: 1922-1953 (American) – While not directly sold in India initially, some imported models found devoted owners, showcasing American design.

AJS Model 15: 1927-1939 – A versatile British motorcycle known for its sturdiness and adaptability.

Royal Enfield Bullet: 1932 (Indian production started) – Arguably the most iconic and long-running motorcycle design, still in production after almost a century.

BSA Gold Star Clubman: 1938-1963 – Renowned for its speed and agility, particularly popular in the 1950s.

Jawa Perak: Mid-1940s (estimated) – A Czechoslovakian machine, well-loved for its unique single-cylinder engine and ruggedness.

Norton Dominator 88: 1946-1959 – A powerful and prestigious motorcycle favored by enthusiasts for its performance and classic styling.

Matchless G3L: 1946-1960 – A versatile and dependable British motorcycle, popular for military and civilian use.

Velocette LE: 1948-1968 – Renowned for its smooth single-cylinder engine and elegance, it enjoyed a dedicated following in India.

Triumph Tiger Cub: 1954-1974 – An affordable and reliable lightweight motorcycle, perfect for Indian roads.

Yamaha YBX 350: Late 1960s – Introduced Yamaha to the Indian market, laying the foundation for their future success.

  • India's Iconic Motorcycle Legends 10 Timeless Classics!
  • Royal Enfield Bullet 1932
  • Jawa Perak Mid-1940s
  • Yamaha YBX 350 Late 1960s
  • Triumph Tiger Cub 1954-1974
  • Velocette LE 1948-1968
  • Norton Dominator 88 1946-1959
  • Matchless G3L 1946-1960
  • BSA Gold Star Clubman 1938-1963
  • AJS Model 15 1927-1939
  • Indian Chief 1922-1953

Please note: This list is not exhaustive and focuses on iconic models rather than absolute age. The actual oldest motorcycles in India might be private collections or lesser-known models requiring further research.

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