What is Pongal in English? Amazing Facts and Meanings

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Pongal is a festival celebrated by the Tamils ​​and has been celebrated by the Tamils ​​since time immemorial as a way of greeting the cattle that can save agriculture.

Come find out the full details of this Pongal festival, the offers available from the government in this regard and important information. If you are interested in knowing this, read our website article carefully.

What is Pongal in English

How is Pongal celebrated in Tamilnadu?

Pongal Thirunal is when the farmers harvest the grains produced in their land and cook by adding sweets to it. Is to create for the Lord.

Importantly, it is a sun-worshiping festival that helps plants grow and turn into grain to satisfy their hunger.

At the same time, it is an important festival to cook food for the sheep and cows that help plow the land and to worship them as deities.

Pongal Thirunal is celebrated in the first days of the Tamil month of Tai, “Tamil New Year” a festival celebrated by a farmer.

MK Stalin will present a collection of 20 items of tai pongal

Government announcements for Thaipongal

Every year the Tamil festival Thai Pongal receives various offers from the Government of Tamil Nadu.

In that regard, this year Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin will present a collection of 20 items. A family has decided to offer cardholders a package of 20 items, the announcement was posted on his official Twitter account.

How many days leave for Pongal in Tamilnadu?

How many days leave for Pongal in Tamilnadu?

The government has a three-day holiday for Pongal, the third day of which is a holiday as it is a Sunday. Therefore, there is a possibility of getting four days off during this Pongal festival.

Month & DateLeave Days
January 14, 2021Thursday “Pongal Festival”
January 15, 2021Friday “Thiruvalluvar Day”
January 16, 2021Saturday “Ulavar Thirunal”
January 17, 2021Sunday “Normal Leave”

The government has given this holiday to help farmers celebrate the festival of plowing their land, their own children, and all children.

This will make the school and college holidays, so everyone will be able to enjoy Pongal with the family, and with this, in mind, the government continues to declare this holiday every year.

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