Top 10 Indian Scout Bobber Beauties of the Year!

M Raj - ESIC

10. Endless Creations: Unleash your imagination! ABS.

9. White Lightning: Clean classic, easy to customize. ABS, solo pillion seat.

8. Blue Steel: Deep, mysterious confidence. ABS, stage 1 exhaust.

7. Titanium Smoke: Sophisticated metallic gleam. ABS, mini apes, leather tank.

6. Stealth Gray: Understated modern style. ABS, blacked-out engine, 10-spoke wheels.

5. Desert Sun: Warm, inviting, open road spirit. ABS, quick-release windshield.

4. Icy Mint: Cool pastel head-turner. ABS, forward controls, leather fringe.

3. Indian Red: Iconic bold statement. ABS, solo saddle, wire wheels.

2. Thunder Smoke: Modern muscle, blacked-out accents. ABS, mini ape hangers.

1. Black Pearl: Timeless black, subtle chrome.1133cc, ABS, mid-mount controls.

A Rider's Dream Collection Top 10 Bobber Motorcycles!