BMW's Top 10 Motorcycles: Power, Precision, Performance in India!

M Raj _ ESIC

10. G 310 R: ₹2.99L, 313cc, Sporty, ABS, LED.

9. G 310 GS: ₹3.49L, 313cc, Adventure, ABS, Comfort.

8. F 750 GS: ₹10.95L, 853cc, Tourer, TFT, ABS.

7. F 850 GS: ₹13.25L, 853cc, Off-road, ESA, Cruise.

6. R nineT: ₹16.25L, 1170cc, Heritage, Spoked, ABS.

5. S 1000 R: ₹17.90L, 999cc, Roadster, DTC, ABS Pro.

4. S 1000 RR: ₹19.50L, 999cc, Superbike, Quickshifter, TFT.

3. R 1250 GS: ₹20.45L, 1254cc, Boxer, Modes, ESA.

2. S 1000 XR: ₹21.50L, 999cc, Sport, ESA, Quickshifter.

1. R 1250 GS Adv: ₹22.40L, 1254cc, Touring, Spoked.

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