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Below I Have Given Two of the Best Job Opportunities Article Published by TVS Motor Company – A Comprehensive Guide:

TVS Motor Company, one of India’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers, is known for its commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction.

They offer a diverse range of career opportunities for talented individuals seeking growth in the automotive industry. In this article, we will explore two exciting job opportunities at TVS Motor Company:

Testing Engineer and Design Engineer. Both roles offer unique challenges and rewards, making them perfect for engineering enthusiasts looking to make a difference.

TVS Motor Company New Job
PostTesting Engineer, Design Engineer
VacancyPrivate Jobs
Apply ModeOnline

1) Vacancy: Testing Engineer

Check out the full eligibility criteria below for Testing Engineer Job Vacancies published by TVS.

Testing Engineer: Key Information:

  • Location: Hosur Plant, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Section: NPD – SP – KD BMW, TVS TCYL, ICE-TVS
  • Job Posted On: Jun 30, 2023
  • Employee Type: White Collar
  • Experience Range (Years): 4 years – 9 years
  • Group Company: TVS Motor Company
  • Office Location: Hosur
  • Position Description: Development Engineer for vehicle development lab of KD & N600 platform

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Competition Benchmarking and Target Arrival: Preparing HOQ, AQ/MBQ, and other key metrics for new products based on thorough competition analysis.
  • Vehicle Build: Overseeing the vehicle build process during various stages of NPD according to agreed “State of Build” guidelines.
  • Driving Release Evaluation: Evaluating and ensuring the driving release of vehicles to various test labs and agencies meet the required standards.
  • Vehicle Performance Evaluation: Assessing the overall vehicle performance against target requirements and making necessary improvements.
  • Road Endurance Test Coordination: Coordinating and conducting road endurance tests to evaluate vehicle performance under different conditions.
  • Instrumentation and Analysis: Handling instrumentation, calibration, signal processing, and analysis of various vehicle-level tests.
  • Reports and Presentations: Preparing comprehensive reports and presentations on testing and evaluation of vehicles during different build stages.
  • Benchmarking: Conduct benchmarking activities and present reports on competition vehicles.
  • Standards Development: Creating and updating testing and analysis standards based on internal research and global scientific community findings.
  • Equipment Procurement: Developing, procuring, and commissioning equipment and instruments to meet future competency needs.
  • DFA / DFS Evaluation: Evaluating the DFA (Design for Assembly) and DFS (Design for Serviceability) and preparing reports to share with the team.
Educational Qualifications Preferred:B.Tech in Mechanical / Automotive

Required Competencies:

  1. Product Awareness
  2. Engineering Knowledge
  3. ProE/Catia
  4. Problem-Solving
  5. Riding Skills
  6. Manufacturing Process

2) Vacancy: Design Engineer

Below is the complete information about the Design Engineer Job Vacancy published by TVS company, check the full eligibility for it and avail.

Design Engineer: Key Information:

LocationHosur Plant, Tamil Nadu, India
DepartmentR&D – EV Sys D&D – EEE IP & H/w Release Control & Wiring Harness
Job Posted OnJun 30, 2023
Employee TypeWhite Collar
Experience Range (Years)3 years – 8 years
Group CompanyTVS Motor Company
Office LocationHosur

Position Description:

The Design Engineer role at TVS Motor Company focuses on designing and developing engine electrical systems for 2&3-wheeled vehicles.

The primary objective is to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs through value engineering, support new product development, upgrade design and testing standards, and introduce implementation.

How can I apply for a job at TVS Motor Company?

To apply for a job at TVS Motor Company, you can visit their official website or job portals where they post their job openings.

Browse through the available positions, select the one that matches your skills and qualifications, and follow the application process as mentioned in the job posting.

What are the primary responsibilities of a Testing Engineer at TVS Motor Company?

As a Testing Engineer at TVS Motor Company, your primary responsibilities would include competition benchmarking, vehicle build oversight, driving release evaluation, vehicle performance evaluation, road endurance test coordination, instrumentation and analysis, preparing reports and presentations, benchmarking, standards development, and equipment procurement.

These tasks are crucial in ensuring the quality and performance of vehicles during the development process.

What qualifications are preferred for the Testing Engineer position?

For the Testing Engineer position, TVS Motor Company prefers candidates with a B.Tech degree in Mechanical or Automotive engineering. This educational background provides a solid foundation in the technical aspects of vehicle development and testing.

What competencies are required for the Testing Engineer role at TVS Motor Company?

To excel as a Testing Engineer at TVS Motor Company, you should have competencies in product awareness, engineering knowledge, ProE/Catia software, problem-solving, riding skills, and manufacturing processes.

These skills will enable you to effectively analyze, evaluate, and improve vehicle performance and meet quality standards.

What is the role of a Design Engineer at TVS Motor Company?

A Design Engineer at TVS Motor Company is responsible for designing and developing engine electrical systems for 2 and 3-wheeled vehicles.

This involves improving customer satisfaction, implementing value engineering to reduce costs, supporting new product development, and upgrading design and testing standards.

What qualifications are required for the Design Engineer position?

The Design Engineer position at TVS Motor Company requires candidates with a minimum of 3 years to a maximum of 8 years of experience.

While specific educational qualifications are not mentioned, a degree in Electrical or Electronics Engineering or a related field would be beneficial for this role.

How can I stay updated on job openings at TVS Motor Company?

To stay updated on job openings at TVS Motor Company, you can regularly check their official website for career opportunities.

Additionally, you can subscribe to their job alert services, follow their social media pages, and join professional networking platforms where they may post their job openings.

Please note that the answers provided here are based on the information given in the article and general knowledge.

It’s always recommended to refer to the official sources and job postings of TVS Motor Company for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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