Central Bank of India Jobs in Trichy 2023: Opportunities as BC Supervisor

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The Central Bank of India, Trichy, has recently announced job vacancies for the position of BC Supervisor on a contractual basis for the fiscal year 2023-24.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the eligibility criteria, responsibilities, and application process for individuals interested in pursuing a career with the Central Bank of India.

TRICHY Central Bank of India Jobs Opportunities as BC Supervisor

Eligibility Criteria: 1

a) Retired Bank Employees:

  • Retired officers up to the rank of Senior Manager from any bank, including PSU, RRBs, Private Banks, or Co-operative Banks, can apply.
  • Retired clerks or their equivalents from the Central Bank of India, who have passed JAIIB with a good track record, are eligible.
  • Applicants must have a minimum of 3 years of rural banking experience.
  • The maximum entry age is 64 years, and the maximum age for continuation as BC supervisors is 65 years.

b) Young Candidates:

  • Minimum qualification: Graduation with computer knowledge (MS Office, email, Internet, etc.). Candidates with additional qualifications like M.Sc. (IT)/BE (IT)/MCA/MBA will be given preference.
  • Age group: 21-45 years at the time of appointment.
  • The maximum age for continuation as BC supervisor is 60 years.

Geographical Location: 2

  • Candidates must be proficient in the local language and dialect, both in reading and writing.
  • Selection will be limited to candidates from the same state; candidates from other states will not be considered.
  • Candidates should be willing and able to visit villages in the district for supervision and other assigned activities on a periodic basis.

Due Diligence: 3

  • The bank will conduct due diligence, including KYC and CIBIL reports, at the time of appointment.
  • Applicants with adverse records, termination or dismissal from past services, etc., will not be considered.
  • Police verification will be arranged for each selected applicant before the assignment of duty.

Selection Process: 4

The selection of BC Supervisors will be based on an interview process.

Period of Contract: 5

The initial contract will be for a period of 12 months, subject to satisfactory annual performance reviews.

Assignment of BC Agents / Conflict of Interest: 6

  • The number of BC Supervisors required will be based on the number of BC Points identified and activated.
  • BC Supervisors will be assigned a specific number of BC Agents to monitor and supervise.
  • BC agents should not be related to the supervisor as family members, blood relations, close relatives, or having any business relations.

Performance Review: 7

  • BC Supervisors will report directly to the Branch Manager and Chief Manager/Officer in charge of Financial Inclusion at Regional Offices.
  • Regional Heads will review the performance of BC Supervisors on a monthly basis.
  • Renewal or termination of the contract will be based on the supervisor’s performance, reviewed annually by Regional Heads.

Termination of Services: 8

  • Either party can initiate termination of the contract by giving 30 days’ notice.
  • Non-satisfactory conduct, performance, misbehaviour, or involvement in any misappropriation or fraud can lead to immediate termination without prior notice.
  • Supervisors involved in fraud or misappropriation will be blacklisted and barred from engagement in any other zone.

Roles and Responsibilities of BC Supervisor: 9

  • Monitor and supervise BC Agents on a daily basis through BC Dashboard, telephonic calls, online VC meetings, and monthly visits.
  • Set targets and monitor the progress of BC agents in achieving these targets.
  • Ensure the availability of banking services in identified villages, sub-service areas, and non-SSAs.
  • Educate BCs about their roles and responsibilities.
  • Address customer and BC

How to Apply for this Central Bank of India Jobs?

In this website article you will find the official notification which includes all the details, office address and additional information for you to apply for this job, you can view it and download it to know the complete information.

Central Bank Of India Notification Link
Official site Link

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