The Living Legend

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How Many Of You Really Know Him?

Jackie chan is well known as Actor, Comedian, Singer, Director, Art Director, Stunt guy, Producer, Etc,

He always tries to make comedy action movies, And He had a Unique Style while others can not even think of that let’s see his journey.

The Living Legend

Datuk Fang Shilong SBS MBE PMW, born Chan Kong-sang and known professionally as Jackie Chan, is a Hong Kong actor, director, martial artist, and stuntman known for his slapstick acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, and innovative stunts, which he typically performs himself.

Films and Bones

What do you think of Jackie Chan and his weak ass bones? : r/Neverbrokeabone

He starts acting in the ’60s, then small appearances in small scenes then some stunts worked very hard to reach a position in the film industry. He is also a globally known philanthropist, He began his film career by appearing in small roles at the age of five as a child actor. At age eight,

n 1976, Jackie Chan received a telegram from “Willie Chan” a film producer in the Hong Kong film industry who had been impressed with Jackie’s stunt choreography work. Willie Chan offered him an acting role in a film
In 1999 he become a top-class actor in Hollywood industry.

Every Frame he risks his life for better results and he doesn’t care about his life the result of his hard work. His Name Crossing beyond the countries, states, borders, nations, everyone loves him for his acting and fighting with humor.
also, become the favorite of children.

About Of The Living Legend

Jackie Chan awarded with two new Guinness World Records titles | Guinness  World Records

200 films and innumerable injuries, Jackie Chan wins an Oscar. He had star billing at the Governors Awards on Saturday night, in which the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences handed out four honorary Oscars.

After a lot of pain and visiting the hospital every time like his routine schedule
almost he breaks everything in his body Jawa’s chins, bones, even had a hole on Head, Dislocated shoulders, And countless Musskular fractions
finally, he did it.

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