Securing the android apps on the mobile is more important than securing the mobile itself.

Because, all our information is carried by android apps on mobile, if you are looking for better help in this matter then we will surely help you.

What Is The Best Way To Lock All Android Apps?

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The application lock method you’re about to see in this article is completely different, providing an opportunity to act as a shield that others might not even guess at.

We tried to select such best application and we saw many applications in the play store to lock apps on mobile.

App Lock Password via Volume Control

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The main reason we searched in the play store is that play star is the official website, so we decided to choose, so when we decided to choose, many types of applications appeared in front of our eyes

However, all of them were designed with normal app lock capabilities, i.e. fingerprint, pad, number, etc.

Everyone looks at this and tries to open it by guessing easily, so when we choose a great application apart from this, a great application appeared before our eyes.

Oops! AppLock

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