Special OPS 1.5 [Kay Kay Menon]

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For those who are familiar with the bravery of Himmat Singh, this season will introduce the back story of this RAW officer. There is a thrill in this story of emotion and action. KK Menon’s style is heart-touching.

Special OPS 1.5 [Kay Kay Menon]

Disney+Hotstar’s web series Special Ops (2020) has made millions of fans. Also its hero Himmat Singh. The measure of the success of cinema is that along with the films, their characters settle in the memory of the audience and franchise films are made. The same thing applies to OTT. The characters get into the heart and new seasons of the web series are created. Disney Hotstar has also brought a new season of this series ‘Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story’ (Special Ops 1.5)

Special OPS 1.5 Kay Kay Menon

Himmat Singh (KK Menon)

The acting of RAW superstar Himmat Singh (KK Menon) in the form of a fox was so much liked by the audience that everyone wanted to know, how did this person become like this. The new series tells the story of Himmat Singh becoming Himmat Singh. It is called a spin-off in the technical language of cinema.

Meaning, focusing on a particular character or event from the middle of the main story, it should be told in detail. it’s a treeIs like a branch or like a small river coming out of a big river.

Here you see Himmat Singh’s youthful days when he was new. But fast. Always listened to the mind and did not leave the enemies of the country anywhere. His style of working left no stone unturned to anger the senior officers.

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Delhi Police

In this spin-off, the story of Himmat can be heard from the mouth of Sheikh Abbas (Vinay Pathak) of the Delhi Police. After retirement, a two-member ‘Banerjee-Chadha’ committee has been constituted considering that whether Himmat should get, or not get from the department of the government, whether any action should be taken on the complaints against him.

He has to make a report that despite the allegations of indiscipline, did Himmat put the interest of the country ahead of herself? So the story in that old era. When three people associated with RAW are murdered one after the other. Senior officers call Himmat dismissed from the department.

He is entrusted with the task of locating and punishing the killers along with new officer Vijay (Aftab Shivdasani). Here is another difficulty. Efforts are also being made by some people to convey intelligence information to enemy countries. Himmat and Vijay also have to prevent leaked information from falling into the wrong hands.

Kay Kay menon

Delhi to Sri Lanka

The pair of Himmat-Vijay gets busy. The story goes through Delhi to Sri Lanka, Britain, Russia, and Ukraine. Enemies are outside, they are also inside the system. Some have been sold. Some have been trapped.

The most dangerous is Maninder Singh (Adil Khan) because at one point he has worked with courage as an agent of RAW. The qualities of that courage, Knows flaws. Meanwhile, the romance of Himmat’s love story and Vijay’s married life story also plays out, which later takes a very shocking turn. A slow start, Special Ops 1.5 keeps the audience hooked as it progresses.

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KK Menon’s performance

The new season is of only four episodes, with an average time of 45-45 minutes. In this sense, it will not take much time for you to know the back-story of Dare. KK Menon’s performance is superb.

The magic of his brilliant eyes and dialogue delivery does not diminish in any scene. Aftab is great. You can see this actor who often looks clean-shaven here in a mustache can see.

Gautami’s acting is decent but the actors who grab attention this season are Adil Khan and Aishwarya Sushmita. In both negative characters and with his acting, he has strengthened the story.

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Shivam Nair has also directed

In foreign locations, where the director has made the series beautiful by giving importance to outdoor scenes, most of the scenes in Delhi are indoor. Neeraj Pandey has held the reins of series writing direction in his hands but Shivam Nair is standing firmly by his side.

Shivam Nair has also directed the third episode. Here editing, camera work and Background music has played an important role in making the series beautiful. Surely the fans will enjoy this story of Himmat Singh. Do have a look. Don’t miss it.

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