South Africa’s digital revolution: Network Needs

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South Africans Embrace the Digital Era: The Importance of Reliable Network Support

South Africa is experiencing a digital revolution, with its citizens spending more time online than ever before thanks to the sophisticated adoption of smartphones.

Recent findings from ProxyRack have revealed that the average South African now spends a staggering 9 hours and 38 minutes a day online, making them the world’s most internet-happy citizens.

A new study conducted by Sweden’s Subtonomy delves into the online behaviours of South African users and uncovers some intriguing insights.

What South Africans Are Doing Online

The Subtonomy study reveals a fascinating snapshot of what South Africans are doing in the digital realm:

Social Media Enthusiasts: A whopping 97% of South Africans are active on at least one social media platform. Social media clearly plays an important role in their online lives, connecting them with friends and family around the world.

Entertainment Seekers: 88% of South Africans are using the internet to watch the latest movies and TV shows through streaming services. This trend reflects the growing popularity of online entertainment platforms.

Digital Transactions: 86% of users are embracing the convenience of online bill payments and staying updated with the latest news, indicating a shift toward digital financial transactions and news consumption.

Remote Workers and Video Conferencing: A substantial 74% of South Africans are using their mobile devices for remote work and video conferencing, underscoring the increasing importance of staying connected for professional purposes.

Mobile Gamers: 56% of South Africans are gaming on their smartphones, demonstrating the expanding mobile gaming industry in the country.

Smart Home Control: Approximately 28% of South Africans are utilizing their mobile devices to control smart home applications, showcasing the growing interest in home automation.

The Connectivity Conundrum

All these activities share a common need—reliable and always available network connectivity. Unfortunately, seven out of ten South African users report frequent connectivity issues, and this is a matter of concern.

Interestingly, most users don’t hold service providers solely responsible for these disruptions; eight out of ten users commend service providers for their support efforts. However, challenges like load shedding have made customer support quality a pivotal factor in choosing a network.

Evolving Expectations for Network Support

As South Africans continue to embrace the digital age, their expectations for network support are evolving:

Speed Matters: 53% of customers expect a maximum wait time of 5 minutes to access support services, emphasizing the importance of swift assistance. In simpler terms, they want to be able to talk to someone quickly when they encounter issues.

Round-the-Clock Convenience: For 39% of users, round-the-clock support is a must. Among those aged 50-54, this figure rises to a substantial 56%. In other words, they need help whenever they need it, day or night, and wish to talk to a real person.

Proactive Communication: An overwhelming 94% of users desire advance notice of planned maintenance to take precautionary measures. Real-time outage notifications are also highly sought after. In this way, they want to be informed in advance and receive immediate updates when things go wrong, allowing them to take necessary actions.

Digital Self-Service: While 51% of customers currently resolve their issues through call centres, 30% prefer digital self-service. Impressively, 56% would opt for mobile app self-service if it enabled troubleshooting and complete issue resolution. In essence, they want the option to resolve issues themselves, especially through mobile apps, if they can’t talk to someone.

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Fredrik Edwall, Executive Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Subtonomy, succinctly sums it up: “All networks encounter problems, but what sets service providers apart is their ability to swiftly pinpoint and resolve customer issues, while keeping customers informed throughout the process.”

In this digital age, South Africans are not just online; they are demanding faster, more convenient, proactive, and digital support services.

Service providers who heed these evolving expectations will undoubtedly thrive in this fast-paced digital landscape.

So, whether you want to talk to someone for help or resolve issues through your mobile app, the future of digital support is here to stay, meeting the needs and expectations of South African users.

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