Roma vs. Salernitana Match Preview: Missing Stars and Touchline Drama Set the Stage

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In the heart of the historic Stadio Olimpico, as the sun sets over the sprawling city of Rome, a unique chapter in the footballing tale is about to unfold.

Amidst the shadows of injuries and suspensions, the stage is set for a clash that will test the mettle of AS Roma and Salernitana.

The very fabric of the teams will be woven together by a delicate blend of seasoned heroes and unexpected protagonists, as the pitch becomes a canvas for both heartache and triumph.

As fans around the world brace for the kickoff, the narrative of this match speaks not only of tactics and goals but of legends remembered and bans endured.

Join us in this live journey, where Andrea Belotti and Stephan El Shaarawy lead the line, Houssem Aouar orchestrates the midfield symphony, and the spirit of Carlo Mazzone hovers above the stadium, while Bruno Conti steps into the touchline spotlight once again.

Welcome to a footballing spectacle where stories unfold beyond the scorelines, and heroes emerge from adversity.

F&Qs – Roma vs. Salernitana Match

Frequently Asked Questions (F&Qs – Roma vs. Salernitana Match:

Who are the key players missing from the Roma lineup for this match?

Paulo Dybala and Lorenzo Pellegrini are suspended, and Tammy Abraham and Marash Kumbulla are sidelined due to knee ligament injuries.

Why is there a minute’s silence before kick-off?

The minute’s silence is being observed in honour of the legendary Roma coach Carlo Mazzone, who recently passed away.

Who is managing Roma from the touchline in the absence of Jose Mourinho and Salvatore Foti?

Director Bruno Conti will be on the bench, taking charge for the first time since his caretaker role 18 years ago.

Why are new signings Evan N’Dicka, Leandro Paredes, and Renato Sanches not starting for Roma?

The new signings are not considered ready to start, leaving Roma with limited options for this match.

Which players are leading the attack for Roma and Salernitana?

Roma is relying on Andrea Belotti and Stephan El Shaarawy upfront, while Salernitana has Kastanos and Candreva leading their attack.

What time and where is the match taking place?

The match between Roma and Salernitana is scheduled to kick off at 17:30 UK time (16:30 GMT) at the Stadio Olimpico.

What other matches are being covered in the live blog?

The live blog is covering not only the Roma-Salernitana match but also Sassuolo-Atalanta, Lecce-Lazio, and Udinese-Juventus matches.

Are there any other notable absentees from the Salernitana lineup?

Salernitana is missing Flavius Daniliuc and Emil Bohinen, and Matteo Lovato is not at full fitness.

Who are the players in the predicted lineups for both teams?

Roma’s starting lineup features Rui Patricio in goal, with Mancini and Smalling forming the central defensive duo alongside Llorente.

The midfield comprises Kristensen, Bove, Cristante, Aouar, and Spinazzola. Up front, El Shaarawy and Belotti lead the attacking efforts.

On the other side, Salernitana fields Ochoa in goal, with Lovato and Gyomber in central defence, accompanied by Fazio.

The midfield sees Mazzocchi, L Coulibaly, Maggiore, and Bradaric. The forward line consists of Kastanos, Candreva, and Botheim.

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What is interesting?

Get ready for a thrilling showdown as Roma relies on Belotti and El Shaarawy upfront, while Aouar pulls strings in midfield against Salernitana.

Catch the action live from the Stadio Olimpico at 17.30 UK time. Follow the intense build-up and real-time updates not just from this match, but also from Sassuolo-Atalanta, Lecce-Lazio, and Udinese-Juventus on our LIVEBLOG.

Join us in observing a poignant minute’s silence for the late Roma coach Carlo Mazzone before kick-off. With Mourinho and Foti sidelined, director Bruno Conti takes the bench after 18 years.

Brace for a clash with suspended stars, sidelined talents, and limited options. Don’t miss the showdown of tactics and passion. Stay tuned! #RomaSalernitana.

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