Police Rescued 4.800 People in Chennai

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Every year Chennai Faces the Same trouble but no different solution as usual again the strike backs Lot of people lost their normal life. still struggling to recover from this situation the Reason beyond the scenario Is developing the area by destroying the watermarks, not only the blame is on Weather.

Police Rescued 4.800 People in chennai

Government officer

Each & every Government officer who Failed To predict the situation, and Due to Heavy Rain & flood Rainwater is fully occupied in Chennai, As per Today’s Report.

C-3 division, H-1 Vannarapettai division,M-2 MM ,G-1 vepperi, P- Puliyanthoppu Police divion, J-4 sidapet,J10Semmancheri, S-15Selaiyur 
Within 87 temporary champs 1,844 Males,

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