PACL SEBI 2022 Refund

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People of PACL company are waiting online to get their money back, out of which 10 to 15 thousand is reported to be credited to people’s bank accounts.

Still, people submitted their payment documents online, whereas sending the original documents to the SEBI office by post is also recommended.

Information is currently being received via SMS to the mobile number of the applicants and the investors who receive the information send their original documents to the SEBI office by the specified date. SEBI also recommends sending such.

The question is whether it is right or wrong to do this, there is confusion among people that if we do not send our original documents we will not get money and if we send them then we will not have any other proof. We are going to see a solution for this in this message.

Currently, SEBI will ask for these documents to get back the money paid by PACL company but the question in people’s minds is that after we register all the documents online they are asking for my original documents again.

The answer lies with SEBI, some organization insists on not giving original documents, and still many people are sending their original documents, which is a good way.

The reason is that only SEBI can recover this money to the people, SEBI is correct in saying some documents for that, and it is recommended that people take all their documents in color xerox and send them later.

People’s money is credited to their bank accounts after such remittance, while there are some allegations that investors’ money is not received in full, and now individual SMS messages are being sent to each individual.

So make sure that the mobile number you provided while registering is receiving the SMS. Sebi has also provided a mobile number change service on its website.

In this regard, SEBI has been doing its job well even during the corona period, so everyone is forced to trust SEBI and send their documents.

However, since every investor has put their money into it, sending and delaying the documents is based on their own choice and no one can be forced to do so.

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