Netherlands Women vs Italy Women at European Championship 2023: Fantasy Cricket Guide & Match Preview

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Cricket, a sport woven into the fabric of many cultures, isn’t just about batting and bowling; it’s also about strategy and anticipation.

As Netherlands Women face Italy Women in the European Championship 2023, it’s not just a game; it’s a battle of skills, stats, and foresight for fantasy cricket enthusiasts.

Match Preview

On December 17, 2023, at 04:15 PM IST, Netherlands Women will clash with Italy Women at the Cartama Oval, Cartama. Both teams come with impressive records, having won 4 out of their last 5 games. The venue, historically favoring bowlers, sets the stage for an intriguing match-up.

Pitch Report and Weather Conditions

The Cartama Oval has been a paradise for bowlers, with an average 1st innings score of 67 runs in the last 9 matches. However, it’s a balanced pitch, offering opportunities for both batters and bowlers. The weather forecast predicts 15°C temperature, 60% humidity, with winds blowing at 2.82 m/s.

Strategy Insights: Pace or Spin?

At Cartama, pace has ruled the roost, claiming 100% of the total wickets. Ergo, it might be wise to stack your fantasy team with pace bowlers, given the historical stats and pitch dynamics.

Head-to-Head Analysis

In their previous encounters, Netherlands Women’s bowlers have shone while all-rounders have led the charge for Italy Women, setting the stage for an enthralling battle between these crucial player categories.

Dream11 Picks

Let’s delve into some potential game-changers for your fantasy team:

Hannah Landheer: A differential player with consistent performances, Landheer’s medium-paced bowling style has fetched her an average of 46 fantasy points in the last 10 games.

Caroline de Lange: This leg-break googly bowler might be an inconsistent pick but has shown glimpses of brilliance, averaging 29 fantasy points in the last 7 games.

Pasindi Kanankege: A reliable performer with an average of 9 fantasy points in the last 6 games, she’s a right-arm medium-fast bowler worth considering.

Regina Suddahazai Isabella Khan: A punt pick with significant potential, she’s scored an average of 78 fantasy points in the last 7 games and can offer both batting prowess and fantasy points.

Emilia Louise Bartram: An all-rounder with a fair consistency, Bartram has secured an average of 39 fantasy points in the last 6 games, contributing with her left-handed batting.

Robin Schmidt: Consider this right-handed batter as a wildcard with an average of 32 fantasy points in the last 3 games, bringing unpredictability to your team.

Annemijn Hedwig Thomson: A high-risk, high-reward pick with an average of 82 fantasy points in the last 5 games. Her right-handed batting and leg-break bowling could offer a dual impact.

Sanya Khurana: A high-risk, high-reward option, Khurana has scored an average of 41 fantasy points in the last 2 games, bringing potential but also an element of uncertainty.

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Netherlands Women (NED-W): Robine Rijke, Annemijn Thomson, Iris Zwilling, Hannah Landheer, Caroline de Lange, Isabel van der Woning, Robin Schmidt, Merel Dekeling, Carlijn van Koolwijk, Donna Polet, Rosalie Lawrence, Sanya Khurana, and Lize Vermeire.

Italy Women (ITA-W): Akarsha Daluwatta, Kumudu Peddrick, Nimesha Ekanayake, Ishara Jayamannage, Dilaisha Nanayakkara, Pasindi Kanankege, Malwatta Sadalee, Methnara Rathnayake, Sonia Toffoletto, Chathurika Mahamalage, Emilia Bartram, Anne Warnakulasuriya, and Regina Suddahazai.

Image Source: Canva

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