Karukka Vinod: Governor’s House Petrol Incident

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A rowdy named Karukka Vinod was immediately arrested in the case of throwing petrol at the Tamil Nadu Governor’s House. He has now been remanded in judicial custody till November 9.

He was arrested in connection with the kerosene incident outside the Governor’s House and was reportedly in possession of two additional petrol bottles. So the police who arrested him immediately intensified the investigation.

It has been revealed that Karukka Vinod, who has been released from jail for more than two years, threw his bottle filled with petrol outside the Governor’s House. It is noteworthy that he has done this work within two days of release.

Karukka Vinod Latest news

And when he was asked about this, he said that he did this because NEET was not cancelled, and the news about it is spreading now. It is noteworthy that additional security has been provided at the governor’s house in this matter and 100 policemen are always stationed for security.

Karukka Vinod's arrest for petrol throwing at Governor's House sparks security concerns and reveals a protest motive.
Arrest and Revelation: Petrol Attack on Governor’s House

However, the Tamil Nadu Police has informed that there is no lack of security in the Governor’s House, no one can do anything in the Governor’s House, it is a matter of throwing a bottle full of petrol on the side of the road.

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