JFSL Share Price: Stock Price Hits Intraday Low, Triggers 5% Circuit on NSE and BSE (JFSL)

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Embarking on the financial rollercoaster of Jio Financial Services Ltd (JFSL) feels akin to witnessing a chess match played out on the stock market stage.

As this freshly spun-off entity from Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) takes its opening steps, it’s hard to ignore the thrill of anticipation.

Let’s imagine, the stage set, the curtains drawn, and JFSL shares stepping onto the grand platforms of BSE and NSE. But this isn’t your typical debut – the tale takes an unexpected twist as JFSL’s listing journey encounters the dramatic flair of a muted opening.

Because the stock price’s opening notes at ₹265 on BSE and ₹262 on NSE are harmonious with its record date-defined tune at ₹261.85. Yet, the story doesn’t stop there.

It continues with an intriguing dance of downward spirals, painting the intraday canvas with the hues of a 5% lower circuit.

Amidst these market theatrics, experts whisper about the delicate balance of fair value versus trading price, and investors ponder the moves they should make on this captivating chessboard of shares.

So, let’s embark on this financial odyssey, where strategic manoeuvres and market psychology hold the key, and the question lingers – will you check, trade, or hold?

Jio Financial Services Ltd - JFSL Share Price
JFSL Share Price

F&Qs: about Jio Financial Services Ltd

What happened during the listing of Jio Financial Services Ltd (JFSL) shares after its spin-off from Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)?

1) JFSL shares were listed on both BSE and NSE during Monday’s trading session.
2) However, the listing was muted, and the share price opened at ₹265 on BSE and ₹262 on 3) NSE, which is in line with its market value of ₹261.85 determined on JFSL’s record date.
4) The stock price dropped further, reaching an intraday low of ₹248.90 on NSE and ₹251.75 on BSE, prompting a 5% lower circuit on both exchanges

What is the fair value of Jio Financial Services share price, and how does it compare to its current trading price?

1) Market experts estimate the fair value of JFSL shares to be around ₹180 per share.
2) The current market price is trading significantly higher than its fair value, leading to expectations of further discounts.

What advice do experts offer for investors holding JFSL shares?

1) Analysts suggest that investors holding JFSL shares in their portfolio should consider booking profits when the stock rebounds.

2) A recommended strategy is to exit the stock and potentially re-enter when the price approaches around ₹180 per share, closer to its fair value.

Why is Jio Financial Services share price experiencing a decline after the muted listing?

The decline in JFSL share price was anticipated due to its valuation being considerably higher than its fair value.

Experts expected this correction to occur around ₹330 to ₹340 levels; however, the correction began earlier, possibly influenced by index funds’ profit booking.

What is the recommended course of action for those who received JFSL shares through allotment?

Those who obtained JFSL shares through allotment are advised to hold onto the stock and consider setting a stop loss at ₹232 per share.

How has the listing affected JFSL’s market cap and potential share price movement?

Analysts predict that the fair value of JFSL would result in a market capitalization of approximately ₹1.10 lakh crore to ₹1.15 lakh crore.

This estimation indicates that JFSL’s share price could potentially drop to around ₹180 per share in alignment with its fair value.

What segment will Jio Financial Services Ltd share price be traded in, and for how long?

1) The equity shares of JFSL have been admitted to trading in the list of T Group of Securities.
2) The share price will be in the Trade-for-Trade segment for a duration of 10 trading days.

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JFSL Share Price
JFSL Share Price

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