Indian amateur cricketer collapses on the field, dies in Muscat

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In a devastating turn of events, an amateur cricketer, Dhanesh Vazhappilath Madhavan, collapsed during a friendly league match and tragically passed away. 

Dhanesh, a vibrant 38-year-old player, collapsed while participating in a Friday morning game for the Saal Fighters Misfah team. Despite their efforts, he was declared deceased upon arrival at a larger hospital in Ghubra.

This heartbreaking incident isn’t an isolated case. Earlier in the year, a badminton player met a similar fate, followed by the unfortunate demise of a Pakistani cricketer during an afternoon league match. 

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Experts in sports medicine emphasize the necessity of regular medical checkups for both amateur and professional athletes. Dr. E B S Ramanathan, a prominent sports injury consultant, highlights conditions like cardiomyopathy, which can lead to sudden cardiac events. 

The frequency of these incidents demands immediate action. Shaheer Ahmed, a key figure in amateur cricket leagues, stresses the need for a coordinated effort involving sports authorities, healthcare institutions, and relevant ministries to launch an awareness campaign. Such initiatives could educate players about the importance of medical checkups and CPR training.

Creating a safer environment for amateur sports involves multifaceted efforts. Implementing regular health screenings, educating athletes about potential health risks, and training individuals in CPR techniques can significantly reduce the chances of tragic incidents on the field.

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