Central Team In Chennai

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சென்னையில் மழை வெள்ள சேதங்களை பார்வையிட்ட மத்தியக்குழு

Chennai lot of People

Due to Heavy Rain in Chennai lot of People lost their places and farms. In the past 10 days, Heavy rain and flood collapsed Chennai. each and every place surrounded by Rain Water. And the Rescue Team Processes the evacuation of the water and Replacing the pipelines. The central team formed 2 crews for surveillance of flood-damaged places in Chennai.

மத்தியக்குழுவினருக்கு வெள்ள சேத பாதிப்புகளை எடுத்துக்கூறும் மாநகராட்சி ஆணையர் ககன்தீப்சிங் பேடி

Rajiv Sharma

The first committee, headed by Rajiv Sharma, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, comprises Vijayraj Mohan, Director, Department of Agriculture, Cooperatives and Farmers’ Welfare, Ranjan Singh, Regional Officer, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, and MVN, Pro-Secretary, Ministry of Central Rural Development. Varaprasadhas are in.

Puliyanthoppu Highway

The team visited the flood victims in Chennai this morning. Visited and inspected Veera Chetty Street, Puliyanthoppu Highway, Purasaivakkam Alagappa Road, Kolathur Shiva Ilango Road in North Chennai. The Central team, which has completed its survey of flood damage in Chennai, is scheduled to inspect the flood damage in the Varadarajapuram area next to the suburb of Tambaram.

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