No case against PACL field workers (agents)

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It has been reported recently that all the investors who have invested in PACL have been carrying out various attacks on the PACL field agents (agents) who were responsible for the investment.

In this web article, we are going to look at the information about what the Tamil Nadu Police officer who spoke at a picket in Chennai recently said about it.

This gives good information to all PACL investors and field workers (agents). Read this website article carefully.

PACL all over India

Not only recently, but for the last five years, PACL-related protests have been going on all over India. However, with the occasional protest in Chennai, the PACL field workers recently staged a protest.

Tamil Nadu Police Department

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Speaking to them, the Hon’ble Tamil Nadu Police Officer said that PACL has been taken over by SEBI and is currently inactive and SEBI has taken over all the assets involved in this.

He further said that the case was pending in the Supreme Court and the order was issued to sell all these properties as soon as possible and give the money to the people to do this work and Mr. Lodha, a retired judge, had appointed them.

Also, since this is a case in the Supreme Court, SEBI has intervened and said that no case can be registered against PACL field workers at any police station. He is also advised to say.

People who paid

What is clear from this is that in the PACL case, work is underway to recover all the money paid by the people, while the acquisition of the amount of assets owed to the people is valid, as per the judgment of the Supreme Court in this regard.

Do not engage in conflict

So what was thus instructed? PACL field staff and investors are advised not to engage in any conflict in this regard and good information about this will come as soon as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to wait a while. For example, it has been suggested by many that this may be further delayed because it is the Corona period.

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