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All too Well short Film Released today(13/11/2021). Written & Directed by Taylor swift. It’s a Romantic Drama Short film with a duration of 14.55 minutes.

Starring: Sadie Sink, Dylan O’Brien, Taylor Swift
Cinematography: Rina Yangwift.

All Too Well The Short Film - YouTube

All Too Well

All Too Well is Based On Taylor Swift’s All Too Well Song, this captured the visuals and made her life in this short film. Also her breakup. All too well song is worldwide famous for the emotional bonding of her lyrics with heavy heart feeling’s. this song from her 4th studio album RED It’s also gonna Re-Release now.

Taylor Swift teases 'All Too Well' short film | Yardbarker

Story of all too well:

All too well is the real incident that happened to Taylor swift. It’s kind of emotional and an amazing screenplay. Here are the characters. Refers

HerSadie Sink
HimDylan O’Brien
Her Later OnTaylor swift

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Taylor Swift Wrote And Directed An All Too Well Short Film – Global  Circulate

New York Update

All Too Well Short Film Show’s the relationship of two doomed lovers, Her (Sadie Sink) and Him (Dylan O’Brien). The story opens with them in bed, Her is mesmerized by her boyfriend. They end up in upstate New York, where she leaves a red scarf at a house belonging to Him’s sister. Their relationship takes a turn at a dinner party, where He ignores his girlfriend as he is impressing his friends with a rapport.

All Too Well The Short Film - YouTube

They fight

They fight; He is arrogant and dismissive, while a distraught Her is heartbroken but still wants to stay with Him. Him apologizes soon and they dance in refrigerator light. However, Him breaks things off eventually. A devastated Her is seen weeping in her bed. A montage shows Her alone at parties and sad at her 21st birthday celebration.

All Too Well The Short Film - YouTube

Now portrayed by Taylor Swift

Him’s life carries on, as he walks alone down a Brooklyn street. The film then jumps 13 years into the future. Her became an author (now portrayed by Taylor Swift) and is at a packed bookstore reading her book All Too Well, presumably about the heartache of her early twenties, to an audience. Outside the store, an older Him (Jake Lyon) looks through the window, wearing the same scarf his ex had abandoned.

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