Do not call Me Thala, Actor Ajith has said

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Actor Ajith has mentioned on Twitter that no one should call me Thala anymore. As he mentions in it, what I have to say to the highly respected media public and real fans is that when writing about me in the future, it is enough to mention my real name as Ajith Kumar, or even if I mention AK, Thala, or something else I kindly ask you not to call me by any other degree name. And I wish you all the best of luck, including health, peace of mind, Ajith Kumar has mentioned.

Do not call Me Thala, Actor Ajith has said news

Thala or any other name

The name Thala has been spoken to actor Ajith Kumar from the movie Deena, the name Thala was first introduced in a character coming from the movie Deena, from then until today it is customary for their fans to call the actor Ajith Kumar as Thala. And the word Thala has become more and more popular and now actor Ajith has shared his opinion about it on Twitter.

Do not call it Thala

Do not call it Thala

Ajith, who has said that no one should call himself by any other name or Thala, has made a loving plea to the media and his fans that this thing, which Ajith has said that it is enough to just call him by his real name, has now become a hot topic on social media.

Do not call Me Thala, Actor Ajith has said twitter

Ajith advanced alone

It is also noteworthy that Ajith is a lonely progressive in the world of cinema when there is no one in the film industry who is known as a family friend. Actor Ajith Kumar has come into the field of cinema alone and has overcome many tragedies and is now a great actor.

Although the name Thala was popularly known many years ago, in the future when we say Thala, everyone will think of Ajith. In this scenario, it is not known what kind of things actor Ajith may have said in the minds of the fans.

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