Anbumanirama Doss 9 Questions to Surya [Jai Bhim]

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The Movie Called Jai Bhim, Director by Tj Gnanavel, Produced By 2d Entertainment, The Story Loudly Tells The Struggle of Some Schedule cast tribes in Tamil Nadu and Inappropriate Activity of Government officers And How The Public treats the tribes.

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Anbumanirama doss 9 Questions about the Jai Bhim movie.

Anbumanirama doss Wrote a Letter to Surya with 9 Questions about the Jai Bhim movie.

  1. Is Really Based On a True Incident?
  2. If its Real Where it happend? Viruthachlam or Konamalai?
  3. The Police Officers Who Brutally Killed Rajakannu.His Real Name Is AnthonySamy.Is You Know That?
  4. Some Character has the Real Name As per The True incident Like Chandru,Perumal samy,Then why did You & Director Changed the Officer Name Anthonysamy Into Gurumoorthi While You Know the Real name of the Character?
  5. RajaKannu’s wife Parvathi Now Living in chennai,She Said in Many interview while the Case the village president and village people Supported lot for her.
  6. They are all Vanniyar community peoples.But in the movie The characters are really against to help her and president also did nothing while the case.why did you show the characters as a Racist?.
  7. While Showing The Evil Officer Phone Conversation scene There is a symbol of Vanniyar In the calander why That Appears there?
  8. There are Two Types of Creators The First one Was Fighting For the Real Fact And Justice.The second one was Just Making the scene controversy Just For Making The Movie Earn Money? Which One You Are?
  9. Jai Bhim Means Ambethkar’s Success.But Ambethkar didn’t Teach to Insult other Community.Instead of Fighting for Justice Why Concentrating in Making the Characters community Shame?Is It The meaning of Jaibhim You Know?
  10. While RajaKannu’s Death Issue none Of The Party’s Raise their Voice For them But PMK Maruthuvar Did For Them.pmk Works Without Partiality,If you Want to Make Your Community Pride Make a Movie That Shows Your Communities Honor And wealth.But Don’t Make Movie which Insults Other Community And Support Racism by saying Indepentend Making.Even Lot Of objection about Jai Bhim you still Said That you are Neutral .I Hope That you are honest If Its Real Answer the Question’s.Then only you can calm the peoples anger.

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