Top 10 BMW Motorcycles In 2024!

Hold on tight, motorcycle enthusiasts, because we’re about to take you on a thrilling ride through the top 10 BMW motorcycles for 2024!

Whether you’re a seasoned speed demon or an ambitious rookie, BMW has a machine that will set your pulse racing and leave you breathless. So, buckle up, grab your helmet, and let’s explore these asphalt annihilators!

Top 10 BMW Motorcycles In 2024!
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10. BMW S 1000 RR:

The undisputed king of speed in the BMW Motorrad lineup, the S 1000 RR is a lean, mean, apex-shredding machine.

With a 204-hp inline-four engine that rockets from 0 to 60 mph in a heart-stopping 2.9 seconds, this track-focused beast is pure adrenaline on two wheels.

ModelS 1000 RR
Pricefrom $13,995
Top speedOver 185 mph
Offers204hp I4, Apex-shredding supersport

9. BMW M 1000 RR:

If you crave even more power and performance, look no further than the M 1000 RR, BMW’s ultimate track weapon.

This hand-built masterpiece boasts a mind-blowing 205-hp engine, advanced aerodynamics, and lightweight construction, making it a true force to be reckoned with on the circuit.

ModelBMW M 1000 RR
Pricefrom $41,895
Top speedOver 185 mph
Offers205hp I4, Hand-built track weapon

8. BMW S 1000 XR:

BMW S 1000 XR: Don’t let its adventure-ready looks fool you; the S 1000 XR is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This powerful sport-touring machine combines the S 1000 RR’s potent engine with comfortable ergonomics and wind protection, making it a versatile option for adrenaline-filled weekend getaways.

ModelBMW S 1000 XR
Pricefrom $15,695
Top speedOver 155 mph
Offers165hp I4, Sporty adventure-tourer

7. BMW HP4 Race:

BMW HP4 Race: For the ultimate track day experience, the HP4 Race is a no-brainer. This exclusive, limited-edition motorcycle is crafted from exotic materials like carbon fiber and titanium, resulting in a feathery weight of just 373 pounds. With a monstrous 215-hp engine, the HP4 Race redefines the boundaries of performance.

ModelBMW HP4 Race
Pricefrom $84,000
Top speedOver 200 mph
Offers215hp I4, Lightweight carbon fiber beast

6. BMW S 1000 R:

BMW S 1000 R: Craving naked bike thrills? The S 1000 R delivers an exhilarating punch with its 165-hp engine and aggressive, streetfighter stance. This lightweight hooligan is perfect for carving corners and leaving stoplights in a blur.

ModelBMW S 1000 R
Pricefrom $14,595
Top speedOver 185 mph
Offers204hp I4, Apex-shredding supersport

5. BMW R 1250 RS:

BMW R 1250 RS: The R 1250 RS offers a potent blend of comfort and performance. Its 136-hp boxer engine provides ample power for spirited rides, while its wind protection and comfortable ergonomics make it perfect for longer journeys.

ModelBMW R 1250 RS
Pricefrom $14,795
Top speedOver 150 mph
Offers136hp Boxer, Comfort & sport blend

4. BMW R nineT:

BMW R nineT: If you’re a fan of classic styling with a modern twist, the R nineT is the bike for you. This neo-retro roadster boasts a 109-hp air-cooled boxer engine and timeless design, making it a head-turner on any road.

ModelBMW R nineT
Pricefrom $10,790
Top speedOver 125 mph
Offers109hp Boxer, Neo-retro head-turner

3. BMW F 900 XR:

BMW F 900 XR: The F 900 XR is a middleweight adventure bike that’s perfect for exploring both paved and unpaved roads.

Its 90-hp engine provides enough power for tackling challenging terrain, while its comfortable ergonomics and wind protection ensure a pleasant ride.

ModelBMW F 900 XR
Pricefrom $10,995
Top speedOver 130 mph
Offers90hp Parallel-twin, Adventure-ready middleweight

2. BMW S 1000 F:

BMW S 1000 F: The S 1000 F is a unique blend of sport bike and supermoto, offering an upright riding position and aggressive looks.

Its 136-hp engine delivers thrilling performance, while its high ground clearance and knobby tires make it capable of handling light off-road adventures.

ModelBMW S 1000 F
Pricefrom $13,195
Top speedOver 160 mph
Offers136hp I4, Sporty supermoto style

1. BMW R 18:

BMW R 18: In stark contrast to the other speed demons on this list, the R 18 is a cruiser that exudes old-school charm and big-bore muscle.

Its massive 1,802cc boxer engine churns out a whopping 91 lb-ft of torque, making for a relaxed, yet exhilarating ride.

ModelBMW R 18
Pricefrom $17,500
Top speedOver 118 mph
Offers1802cc Boxer, Big-bore cruiser muscle

Remember: While these motorcycles are capable of achieving high speeds, it’s crucial to ride responsibly and obey all traffic laws. Always wear proper safety gear and prioritize your safety and the safety of others on the road.