100 Acers of Crops were drowned in Kollidam

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Due to the high water level in the Kollidam river, 30 acres of samba and 70 acres of plantations were damaged. People have been kept in a safe place as the village has been inundated.

100 Acers of Crops were drowned in Kollidam

30 acres of samba

In the village of Nathalpadugai 30 acres of samba, paddy fields were submerged in water due to overflowing river water. Plantation crops in the area such as banana, coriander, umbelliferous, cockatoo, maize, turmeric, eggplant, betel nut, chili, plant drumsticks are cultivated on 70 acres of land. 40 oil engines and 20 electric motors were drowned. Villagers require New culverts should be installed across the road to facilitate drainage and facilitate drainage.

100 Acers of Crops were drowned in Kollidam

150 km

Kollidam River flows in an easterly and then northeasterly direction for about 95 miles (150 km) and empties through several mouths into the Bay of Bengal roughly equidistant between the Puducherry (north) and Karaikal (south) sectors of Puducherry union territory on the coast. The Kollidam is the major northern stream of the Kaveri delta. The river was dammed in 1836 to help provide irrigation water for the delta, the most fertile and densely populated region of southern India, noted for its rice production. The town of Chidambaram lies on its banks.

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