Sl.No Date of Upload Subject Valid Upto    
1 27-02-2018

Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of 6 Nos Chiller plant and other accessories at ESI Hospital in Coimbatore. 

Tender Document Financial Bid
2 25-01-2018  Notice Inviting E- Tender for supply and Installation of the Equipment Laproscropy set at at ESIC Hospital,K.K.Nagar  01-03-2018  Click here


3 01-03-2018  Re-Invitation of Tender ID No.1044 for Supply and Installation of Equipment Laproscopy set  23-03-2018  Click here


4 22-02-2018  Notice Inviting E-Tenders for Hiring of Accomodation For ESI Dispensary  07-03-2018  Click here


5 02-03-2018  Notice Inviting E-Tenders for Supply and Installation of Digital Colour Doppler (4 Nos) at ESIC Medical College and Hospital,K.K.nagar  14-03-2018  Click here


6 06-03-2018  Due Date in Submission of bid is extended (E-Tender ID No.1116) for the Equipment Digital Colour Doppler  27-03-2018  Click here


7 06-03-2018  Date Extension for E-Tender for Supply and Installation of Fire Extinguisher & AMC Services for Fire Extinguishers  21-03-2018  Click here


8 08-03-2018  Re-invitation of e-tender for IMPEDANCE AUDIOMETER AND AUDIOMETER e-tender (ID No:1032) in ESIC Hospital,K.K.Nagar  29-03-2018  Click here


9 06-03-2018  Re-Invitation of E-Tender for Flat Panel Detectors E-Tender (ID.No.1037)  04-04-2018  Click here


10 08-03-2018  Cancellation of Limited Tender for the Supply and Installation of Medical Furnitures    Click here


11 06-03-2018  Corrigendum For Re-Invitation of E- Tender for Medical Furnitures E-Tender - ID No.1149 in  21-03-2018  Click here


12 06-03-2018  Notice Invititng E-Tender Enquiry for Supply and Installation of Medical Furnitures at ESIC PGIMSR & Model Hospital,K.K.Nagar  21-03-2018  Click here


13 09-03-2018  Corrigendum - Cancellation of E-Tender ID -1033(500 MA-X-RAY-MACHINE)-    Click here
14 12-03-2018

Notice Inviting Tender for Supply,Installation,Commissioning,Testing and Handing over of 26 passenger cum bed lift at ESIH,Salem. 

Tender Document Financial Bid
15 22-03-2018  Corrigendum - Cancellation of E- Tender ID-1116(Digital Colour Doppler)    Click here


16 23-03-2018  Corrigendum  E-Tender for procurement,installation and commissioning of FLAT PANEL DETECTORS    (e TENDER ID:1037)   Click here