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Obligations of the Employers under the ESI Act and Rules and Regulations made thereunder are summarised as under:
  • Get your factory/establishment registered within 15 days after the Act becomes applicable.
  • Fill up Declaration Forms in respect of all coverable employees on the 'Appointed Day' and obtain Insurance Numbers through online. .
  • Pay ESI contributions (Employers' share @ 4.75% of the wages and the employees' share @ 1.75% of the wages) within 21 days of the month following, in which the wages fall due.
  • Maintain an 'Accident Book' as prescribed under the Factory Act/ESI Act.
  • Submit an "Accident Report" to the Branch Office/ESI Dispensary concerned immediately in respect of accidents that could result in death or disablement and within 24 hours of its occurrence otherwise. Minor accidents which do not cause absence from work need not be reported.
  • Grant leave to insured employees on the basis of sickness certificates issued by any authorised ESI doctor.
  • Maintain the important records/registers properly for purpose of inspection:
  • Submit return of contribution within 42 days of the expiry of contribution period.
  • Furnish any requisite information promptly as and when asked for by the Regional Office/Branch Office/any other office of the Corporation/Scheme.
  • Furnish annual information on continued coveragae of factory/establishment by submitting a return in Form no. 01A on or before 31st January every year.
  • Facilitate proper inspection of factory/establishment by any authorised officer of the Corporation and produce before him all relevant records on demand.
  • Intimate the date of closure or shifting (temporary or permanent) of the factory/establishment to the Regional Office/Branch Office within seven days of its closure or shifting.
  • Promptly report any change in the business activity, ownership of the concern or its management.
  • Ascertain the liability towards ESI dues, while taking over the ownership of any factory/establishment by purchase, gift, lease or licence or in any other manner whatsoever as new owner is liable to discharge the past liabilities if any.
  • Maintain proper sanitation for a hygienic and healthy environment within the workplace and in residential quarters if allotted to the insured persons.



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