Contribution is the amount payable to the Corporation by the Principal Employer in respect of an employee and comprises the amount payable by the employee and the employer.
It is obligatory on the part of the employer to calculate and remit ESI Contribution comprising of employers' share 4.75% plus employees' share of 1.75% which is payable on or before 21st of the following month, to the month to which the salary relates. If the employee is drawing upto Rs.70/- as daily average wage, he is exempt from the payment of his share of contribution. The employer is however to pay employer's share of 4.75% of the salary received/receivable by the employee.

The RCs should be prepared in quadruplicate and submitted to the appropriate Branch Office within 42 days of the expiry of the contribution period (12th May or November 11th of each year).

Return of contribution is required to be submitted separately for the main Code Number and each sub-code number. It is in the interest of the employer to make compliance in respect of the sub-unit, branch office, sales office, registered office etc. independent of the compliance being made in respect of the main unit. 

Where the employer prefers to make compliance from the parent unit, he may submit only one return in respect of all the branches. The single return in such cases will be accepted at the concerned Branch Office to which the parent unit is attached. Such employers are also advised to ensure that names of Branch Offices to which the Return pertains should be distinctly noted in the return so as to facilitate their expeditious onward transmission to those Branch Offices and also to avoid undue inconvenience to their Insured Persons.

Such employers also may submit return of contributions in respect of each branch office/sales office separately alongwith copies of remittance challans in support of payment of contributions in respect of the employees of each branch office to the parent Branch Office.

On the other hand, where the employer prefers to make compliance through their Branch Offices/ Sales Offices separately in the Regions where such offices etc. are located, the RC may be submitted by the Branch office to the concerned Branch Offices and there will be no difficulty in subsequent receipt of benefits.

Branch Office while acknowledging the RC for the half year will return one copy of RCs to the employer. Place this RC in ESI file of the employer & produce the same before the Inspecting Officer/ Insurance Inspector who comes for Inspection, which is a statutory one.


In the first instance the Principal Employer is to pay employers' share of contribution in respect of every employee whether employed directly or through immediate employer. The employees' share may thereafter, be recovered by making deduction from their wages for the wage period for which contribution is, however is payable. No such deduction may be made from any wages other than those relating to the period in respect in which contribution is payable.


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