The Scheme provides full range of medical care to Insured person and family, through a network of ESI Dispensaries & Panel clinics, diagnostic centres and ESI Hospitals etc. Super speciality facilities are provided to the beneficiaries through recognised advanced medical institutions empanelled for the purpose on referral basis. The Corporation has set up a revolving fund in most of the States to ensure smooth flow of funds for super-speciality treatment of ESI beneficiaries.

All Insured Persons and members of their family are entitled to free, full and comprehensive medical care under the Scheme. The package covers all aspects of health care from primary to super speciality facilities.

An Insured Person and his dependant family members become entitled to medical care from the date he/she enters the insurable employment and the entitlement continues as long as the insured person is in insurable employment or is qualified to claim sickness, maternity or disablement benefit.

The entitlement to medical care is extended upto two years to persons suffering from any of the 34 specified chronic or long term diseases. Medical treatment to persons, who go out of coverage during the period of treatment, is not discontinued till the spell of sickness ends. Insured Persons and dependant members of their family are entitled to free, full and comprehensive medical care under the Scheme. the package covers all aspects of healthcare from primary to super-specialist facilities as detailed below :

Out patient treatment
Domiciliary treatment
Superspeciality treatment
Specialist consultation and diagnostic facilities
In-Patient treatment
Free supply of drugs and dressings.
X-ray and laboratory investigations
Vaccination and preventive innoculations
Ante-natal care, confinement and post natal care
Ambulance Service or conveyance charges for going to hospitals, diagnostic
    centres, etc. wherever admissible
Free diet during admission in hospitals
Free supply of artificial limbs, aids and appliances for physical rehabilitation
Family welfare services and other national health programme services
Medical certification


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