The dependants’ benefit is payable to the dependants as per Section 52 of the Act read with provision of 6(A) of Section 2 in cases where an IP dies as result of EI. The age of dependants, has to be determined either by production of Documentary evidence as specified in Regulation 80(2) or Age certified by Medical Officer In charge of Government Hospital or Dispensary.Dependants' benefit consists of periodical payments to dependants of an insured person who dies as a result of an employment injury sustained as an employee under the ESI Act. 

There are no contributory conditions for qualifying to this benefit. Thus, if a person dies of employment injury even on the first day of his employment, his dependants are entitled to the benefit.
In case the deceased person does not leave a widow or legitimate or adopted child, dependants' benefit shall be payable to other dependants as follows
  • To a parent or grand-parent, for life, at an amount equivalent to three-tenths of the full rate and if there are two or more parents or grand-parents, the amount payable to the parents or grand parents as aforesaid shall be equally divided between them
  • to any other male dependant, until he attains the age of eighteen years at an amount equivalent to two-tenths of the full rate:
  • to any other female dependant, until she attains the age of eighteen years or until marriage, whichever is earlier or if widowed, until she attains eighteen years of age or remarriage, whichever is earlier at an amount equivalent to two-tenths of the full rate: Rate:90% of the average daily wages shareable in fixed proportion




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